Wernesgrün Brewery

In 1436 the estate of the Schorer brothers, members of the famous Schürer glassblowing family, won the right to build a glassworks in the forest. This was associated with the granting of a brewing and supplying licence. In the following years the village of Wernesgrün developed around the estate and a further larger property. In 1974, after eventful centuries, the two remaining family breweries in the village were forcibly united into the publicly-owned VEB Export Beer Brewery Wernesgrüner. The beer was one of the “bend down products” in the GDR, at best sold under the counter and easier to buy abroad, on flights operated by the East German airline Interflug or on cruises, than in regular shops.

Today Wernesgrüner belongs to a large brewery group, but carefully continues to maintain its traditions. The modern brewery, which is located behind the historic facades can be visited on guided tours. Even more popular is the brewery estate, with the Brauschenke restaurant and the Biertenne.

Wernesgrün Brewery
Bergstraße 4
08237 Wernesgrün
+49 (0) 37462 - 610