Wekerle Estate

The Wekerle Estate in Budapest is one of Europe’s outstanding Garden City developments, inspired by the works of Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928) in England. It is located in Kripest, or the XIX district, which has been formally part of the city since 1950, and takes its name from Sándor Wekerle (1848-1921) three times prime minister of Hungary. The houses are laid out on a radial plan devised by by Károly Kós (1883-1977 that centres on a square. The estate is entered through two vast wooden and stone gateways. Several well-known Hungarian architects designed houses for the estate including Dezsŏ Zrumeczky (1883-1917). Many of the houses are in the Transylvanian style with high roofs, and they said amid spacious gardens and are approached along tree-lined avenues. The outstanding building in the area is the church of St Joseph the Worker. The estate is maintained by a community association.

Wekerle Estate
Wekerlei Társaskör Egyesület
Kós Károly téry park