Waterschei Mine Depot

The Waterschei mine, one of the seven mines in the Kempen coal basin, had been in operation since 1924. A total of 72,453,000 tonnes of coal were mined on the levels between 560 and 1208 m depth. The mine was closed in 1987. The former 93-hectare mine site is being developed according to a high-quality concept in terms of architecture, environmental quality and sustainability into "Thor Park", a commercial area with a science park for the settlement of knowledge-oriented companies and research institutions.

In the former magazine, a section of the 22,000 sqm main building, former miners have set up the Waterschei mining depot. It preserves machines and tools that were used at the mine above and below ground. The exhibits, a collection of historical photos and an introductory film provide an overview of the history and work in the coal mine.

Waterschei Mine Depot
Mijndepot Waterschei
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