Water Museum of Thessaloniki

The Water Museum of Thessaloniki is housed in the historical building complex of the first pumping station of the city. It was built in the late 19th century (1890-94) by Belgian engineers, being part of a major infrastructure project implemented in Thessaloniki (railworks, lighting gas, port, tramways, electrification). The museum reflects this exact period when Thessaloniki was turning into a large industrial centre and shows that water history goes hand in hand with the history of the city.

The old pumping station consists of the engine room, the boiler room and the coal storage room, reflecting clearly the different energy phases of water supply industry. The director’s residence later completed the construction, getting us back to an era when directors lived in the very same factories they managed.

The main building was designed and constructed during a period when metal construction was at its peek across Europe and is an exhibit itself. The museum keeps a unique archive of historical maps, water supply project designs, old photographs and documents from the rich archives of EYATH. There is also an outdoor water park with historical pump units on display, functional for young visitors to enjoy.struments and tools.

Water Museum of Thessaloniki
26is Oktovriou 17
54627 Thessaloniki
+30 (0) 2310 - 514029

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