Water Hammer Mill

The hammer mill is a water-powered iron forge preserved by the Museum of West Bohemia. It is located 25 km east of the city of Pilsen. An ironworks existed on this site in the 1650s. At one time there was a blast furnace for making pig iron and castings as well as a forge and rolling mills but the furnace was demolished in 1819. The present buildings mostly date from the early 19th century. Four waterwheels at the back of the mill operate huge hammers inside. In the late 19th century, line-shafting was added to operate smaller hammers, shears and grinding wheels to make agricultural tools. The site was archaeologically investigated and conserved for the public to visit in 2019-20. The waterwheels are in working order, supplied with water through a timber channel. A working blacksmiths’ forge gives demonstrations. The displays present the history of ironworking at the site and the life of the community.

Water Hammer Mill
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