Walchensee Power Station

There is a 200 m difference in height between the Kochelsee and Walchensee lakes in the Bavarian Alps that was first exploited for the construction of a hydro-electric plant in 1904. From 1918 Oskar von Miller began to establish the Bayernwerke complex, linking existing plants with new generating capacity that made possible the electrification of railways in Bavaria from 1924. The rivers Isar and Rissbach were diverted through 8 km and 6 km tunnels into the Walchensee, from which water flowed to a chateau-like surge tank, and then through penstocks to the generators. The Walchensee power station attracts some 100,000 visitors per year, and an innovative new visitor centre was opened there in 2002.

Walchensee Power Station
Informationszentrum Walchenseekraftwerk
Altjoch 21
82431 Kochel am See
+49 (0) 8851 - 77225