Vest-Agder Museum: Kristiansand

The Vest-Agder Museum is situated 4 km north-east of the centre of Kristiansand. It is a Skansen-type open air museum founded relatively early in the history of such museums in 1903. It now consists of about 40 buildings mostly from the county of Vest Agder. There are two main groups, one centred on a Setesdal farm complex, consisting chiefly of wooden buildings with turf roofs, the second on an old street from Kristiansand, which includes a general store and a post office. Careful attention has been paid to street furniture and signposts. The museum holds a collection of painting and photographs illustrating the themes with which it is concerned, and most Norwegian farm animals can be seen there. Amongst the other buildings is a cabin of the kind used by resistance fighters evading the Gestapo during the Second World War.

Vest-Agder Museum: Kristiansand
Odderøya 17
4610 Kristiansand
+47 (0) 38 - 120350