Varna Maritme Museum

Varna, on the Black Sea, is the principal port of Bulgaria, and was established by Greeks in the sixth century BC. Railways were opened from Russe in 1866 and from Sofia in 1899, and the modern harbour was constructed 1906.

The Varna Museum illustrates many aspects of the growth of the city, while the National Maritime Museum, established in 1923, has exhibits relating to many aspects of civil and military naval activity, including a large collection of ship models, many naval guns and a torpedo boat that sank a Turkish cruiser on 21 November 1912. The laying of a cable between Varna and Sebastopol in the Crimea in 1868 by the British ship Faraday is commemorated.

Varna Maritme Museum
3 Primorski Boulevard
9000 Varna
+359 (0) 52 - 633015