Vääräkosken Cardboard Factory

Vääräkosken Cardboard Factory is a preserved mill for making paper and white and brown cardboard from wood pulp. The use of wood instead of textile rags transformed the paper and card industries in the late nineteenth century. New mills were built in rural areas with good supplies of wood and water to make pulp. The Vääräkosken factory was founded in 1898 by Gustaf A. Lönnqvist. The handsome buildings stand in a beautiful natural setting next to the Väärkoski rapids on the River Hyvölänjoki. The machinery on display includes grinders for preparing the wood pulp and continuous rolling machines for boards, a hydroelectric plant and steam boilers. The plant continued to operate with old methods until the 1990s.

Vääräkosken Cardboard Factory
Vääräkosken Kartonkitehdas
Vääräkoskenkuja 28
63700 Ähtäri
+358 (0) 400 - 510274