Uerdingen Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Uerdingen wastewater treatment plant was built in 1909 and was in operation until 1962. Today it is one of the last surviving examples of urban sanitation from the period of burning issues resulting from the enormous growth of cities during the industrialization of Europe at the end of the 19th century. Why was it necessary to drain wastewater, why were toilets to be connected to the sewers, what happened to the rivers  - were cities allowed to discharge wastewater into rivers - and what were the reasons and strategies for purifying wastewater?

But the sewage plant is not only a place steeped in history. It is also an art nouveau building that was brilliantly conceived and artfully erected more than 111 years ago, with first echoes of modern pracitcality, quite unusual for an engineering building and even more so for one of the urban sanitary systems.

The plant illustrates the importance of mechanical wastewater treatment, while expert guided tours provide an insight into the history of the sewage treatment plant, its historical context and its significance for life in modern European cities. All this makes the plant unique.

Uerdingen Wastewater Treatment Plant
Rundweg 20-22
47829 Krefeld
+49 (0) 2151 - 9718738

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:75 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website
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last Sunday of the month 10am-3pm

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