Twyford Waterworks

The waterworks at Twyford, Hampshire, was built for the South Hampshire Water Co in 1898 to contribute to the supply of Winchester and Southampton. It was extended in 1913 to accommodate new motive power for the pumps, a Hathorn Davey triple expansion steam engine, which is preserved, together with three Babcock & Wilcox water tube boilers, along with diesel and other engines of later date. Lime softening equipment used between 1903 and 1969 is an unusual feature of the waterworks. Five brick-built lime kilns, two of 1903 and three of 1930 remain. They used chalk from an adjacent quarry, delivered by a 600 mm gauge railway system that included a rope-hauled inclined plane. No locomotive were used, although some are preserved on the site.

Twyford Waterworks
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