Twist Oil and Gas Museum

The German-Dutch border region around the districts of Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim and the Dutch province of Drenthe is one of the most important European oil and gas production regions. The exploitation of oil deposits began in the 19th century. The initial reason for this was the search for a good lamp fuel. After several unsuccessful wells were drilled over the decades, oil was discovered in 1942 in economically recoverable quantities. Since then, numerous other oil and gas deposits have been discovered and exploited. The settlement of production companies, companies in the drilling and supply industry and service companies contributed to the economic strengthening of the Emsland.

The Twist oil and natural gas museum provides information on the formation of oil and natural gas millions of years ago, the exploration and development of the deposits as well as the production, transport and storage of oil and natural gas. Models and original components illustrate how drilling rigs and pipelines work. On the open-air site, large plant components from the oil and gas industry can be viewed.

Twist Oil and Gas Museum
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