Triana Ceramic Centre

The Triana district of the city of Seville is a port on the Guadalquivir River that is traditionally associated industry, especially pottery. The Centro Cerámica Triana opened in 2014 on the site of a pottery that existed from the Middle Ages to the 1990s. From 1939 it was known as Cerámica Santa Ana and specialised in colourfully decorated earthenware vessels and tiled panels. The entrance is through the exuberantly tiled front of the Santa Ana pottery. On the ground floor, the processes of making pottery are explained through artefacts related to manufacture and decoration, including mills for grinding pigments. Archaeological remains of kilns and containers for clay and glazes are displayed inside a courtyard of new buildings. On the first floor is a collection of ceramic products from the 12th to the 20th centuries, including spectacular vessels and examples of architectural decoration and advertising. The centre is also an interpretation hub for visitors to Triana.

Triana Ceramic Centre
Centro Cerámica Triana
C. Callao, 16
41010 Sevilla
+34 (0) 955 - 474293