Tobacco City

In the very heart of Plovdiv there is an area that fascinates with its past beauty, massive and exquisite architecture and urban ensemble – the so-called Tobacco City. More than 15 hectares on which around 13 tobacco warehouses and factories were built by local investors as production sites for the Bulgarian tobacco industry. The unique tobacco warehouses from the 1920s, with a few exceptions, are now abandoned and in a non well maintained condition. Four are the sites on the territory of the Tobacco City declared to be monuments of culture.

"The Tobacco City" is a project about the preservation of a vanishing tobacco-industry city through multi-genre artistic actions, installations, exhibitions and research, implemented by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation as part of the programme of European Capital of Culture2019. The project is run in collaboration with the private owners of the estates and regarding the law for preservation of monuments of architectural importance.

Tobacco City
16 Ekzarh Yosif Str.
4000 Plovdiv
+359 (0) 877 - 843426

Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website

accessible from the year 2019