Tidaholm Museum

The town of Tidaholm grew up after 1868 when the Vulcan match factory arrived. It became the largest match factory in the world and still exists as Swedish Match. The engineering works Tidaholms Bruk began making motor vehicles here in 1903 and by 1934 had made 1,000 cars, trucks, buses and fire engines. The focus of the museum is on the history of workers, especially the women and children who did the most dangerous work at the match factory. The museum is located in the workshops where parts for the match factory were made and maintains them in functional condition with drills, lathes and smith’s forges. Other collections include rare Tidhaholms Bruk vehicles, matchboxes, and match-making equipment. The museum had a major refurbishment in 2020. In the old match factory a lithographic workshop continues the graphic tradition started with matchbox labels.

Tidaholm Museum
Tidaholms Museum
Vulcans väg 5
522 30 Tidaholm
+46 (0) 502 - 606195