The Vosges Textile Museum of Ventron

The textile industry began to grow in the Vosges region of north-eastern France in the early nineteenth century, attracted by water for power. By the 1840s, numerous spinning and weaving factories were established across the Vosges mountain range, including four in the village of Ventron.

The museum is housed in a four-storey weaving mill built in 1855 that is typical of the textile factories from the period. Initially, a stream provided water power, but after 1861 a 30-horse power steam engine transformed the manufacturing process, allowing weaving to continue during dry summer months. The mill closed in 1952 and was left complete and undisturbed until it became a museum thirty years later. The steam engine and its boiler room are on display. An array of machines and materials trace the evolution of looms from the eighteenth century to the present. Demonstrations are provided, illustrating the process of turning cotton into fabric. Temporary exhibitions are hosted, and weaving workshops for children are organised.

The Vosges Textile Museum of Ventron
Le Musée du Textile des Vosges à Ventron
8 Chemin Vieille Route du Col d’Oderen
88310 Ventron
+33 (0) 329 - 242306