The Stiegl Brewing World

Stiegl beer is one of the symbols of the city of Salzburg. Stiegl-Brauwelt which forms part of the brewery is a 10-minute bus journey from the centre of the town. It was opened in 1995 in a former malthouse. Visitors are able to explore displays illustrating all aspects of the history of brewing, from the malting of barley to the manufacture of barrels by coopers, as well as the history of the Stiegl company. A particularly memorable feature is an imposing beer bottle pyramid. Visitors with more time available are able to take guided tours of the brewery itself. The Stiegl company dates from 1492, and is the largest privately-owned brewing concern in Austria. It takes pride in using almost exclusively Austrian barley and hops, and on its conformity with the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian – or German - purity law) which decreed that only barley, hops and water should be used in brewing. All visitors are able to taste three types of Stiegl beer chosen from a range of seven of those produced at the brewery.

The Stiegl Brewing World
Bräuhausstrasse 9
5020 Salzburg
+43 (0) 662 - 83871492