The Rivierre Nailworks

The nailworks at Creil in the département of l’Oise was established in 1888 by Théodor Rivierre (d 1900). By 1914 it had some 400 employees, but there were only just over a hundred in the 1960s. It continues to operate in its original buildings. It is now the last of its kind in France and was recognised in 2007 as an example of living heritage (patrimoine vivant). The workshop is regularly open for guided visits. The company produces 2800 varieties of nail in steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and nickels. Rivierre nails are used by shoemakers, upholsterers, joiners and by craftsmen in leather. The range includes rivets, some types of cutlery and nails specially made for use in the restoration of historic buildings. Visitors can see the nailmakers at work, inspect some historic tools and gain an appreciation of the wide range of products made at Creil.

The Rivierre Nailworks
La Clouterie Rivierre
6 Rue des Usines
60100 Creil
+33 (0) 344 - 253025