The railway museum at Jaromĕř

Jaromĕř is an historic town built around a former imperial fortress guarding a crossing of the River Elbe. The railway museum was founded in 1996 by a non-profit organisation, and occupies an eight-bay semi-roundhouse locomotive depot of the early twentieth century. There is direct access from the main line station at Jaromĕř. Outstanding items in the collection include the locomotive Conrad Vorlauf of 1873, a rack-and-pinion locomotive of 1901, and the Ringhoffer accumulator-powered loco of 1916. There are two very large 4-8-4 tank locomotives, one of which is regularly steamed. There are also railcars, some small diesel locomotives, a crane and a collection of freight wagons.

The railway museum at Jaromĕř
Železnični Muzeum Jaromĕř
Nádražni 227
55101 Jaromĕř
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 731 - 489411