The Museum of Urban Transport of France

The Association pour le Musée de Transports Urbains, Interurbaines et Ruraux (AMTUIR) is a voluntary body formed in 1957 when tram lines were closing throughout France and indeed in most of Europe. Displays have been opened at several sites from which the association was forced to move. The association holds a collection of about 170 vehicles, some of which have been displayed in Chelles since 2006, the rest remaining in store. They include tramcars from Lyons, Dijon, Marseilles, Nantes, Nancy, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, and Valenciennes, as well as from Glasgow, Freiburg, Neuchatel and The Hague. There are steam tram locomotives, some early vehicles from the Paris Metro, and autorails – railcars used on suburban lines. There are numerous motor buses including the open platform green vehicles, once common sights on the streets of Paris, as well as buses from Grenoble, Poitiers, Perpignan and Limoges.

The Museum of Urban Transport of France
Le Musée de Transports Urbains de France
1 Rue Gabriel de Mortillet
77500 Chelles
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