The Museum of Papermaking at Duszniki Zdrój

Dusniki-Zdroj (Bad Reinerz) is a spa resort in the Sudenten Mountains, where the clear water of the River Bystrzyca was well-suited for paper-making. The paper mill built in 1605 has now been working for more than 400 years, although since 1968 it has operated as a museum.

Some of the 17th and 18th century papermakers in the town were from Saxony and Bohemia. From 1742 the region belonged to Prussia, and the mill made paper for the Prussian court. The city became part of Poland after the Second World War and the Polish paper industry financed the museum project.

Some objects and portraits relating to the history of papermaking are displayed, but the most important feature of the museum is that it preserves the centuries-old traditional craft of making paper by hand.

The Museum of Papermaking at Duszniki Zdrój
Muzeum Papiernictwa Duszniki Zdroj
ul. Kłodzka 42
57-340 Duszniki Zdrój
+48 (0) 74 - 86692448