The Motorcycle Museum

The Motorcycle Museum in Marseille traces the history of the motorcycle from its origin in 1885 to the present day. Located in a five-storey former flour mill, the collection is presented chronologically over four floors, each floor representing a distinct era. It features over 250 motorcycles from many countries. Among the star exhibits are an experimental 1935 four-cylinder MGC, which is equipped with an engine based on aeronautical designs and a collection of Grand Prix racing bikes built by Jean and Henri Nougier between 1936 and 1971. Also on display are the Michaux bicycle from 1865, military motorcycles from the Second World War, a collection of Moto Guzzi machines and a Magnat Debon. The context for the motorcycles is enhanced with period costumes, posters and photographs. The museum also shows temporary exhibitions and has a library with more than 2,000 motorcycle journals and magazines from the 1930s onwards.

The Motorcycle Museum
Musée de la Moto
18 rue Jean Marsac Quartier du Merlan
13013 Marseille
+33 (0) 299 - 340232