The Michelin Adventure

L’Aventure Michelin (The Michelin Adventure) is the company museum of the Michelin company which has been in business since 1889. It is situated next to the company’s factory in Clermont Ferrand. It is a lively and light-hearted museum in which much of the interpretation features Bibendum, the well-known cartoon figure composed of tyres, otherwise known as the Michelin man. Six galleries based on the theme of mobility, portray the past, present and future of the company and its products. It includes exciting footage of Michelin’s Ladoux test centre. Past ventures that are now almost forgotten include the railcars with pneumatic tyres with which the company was involved in several European countries in the 1930s. Due attention is paid to Michelin’s role in producing maps and guides to hotels and restaurants.

The Michelin Adventure
L’Aventure Michelin
32 Rue du Clos Four
63100 Clermont Ferrand
+33 (0) 473 - 986060