The Maisels Beer Experience

This museum in located in a nineteenth century brewery where it looks as if the employees have just gone home at the end of their day’s work. Displays extend through twenty rooms in what is claimed to be the world’s most comprehensive beer museum. Visitors can follow the manufacture of beer from raw materials to bottling and barrelling, as well as seeing the steam engine and generator that once provided power for pumps and other machines. They can study the origins and processing of hops in what was once the brewery’s hop store, and learn about the making of barrels in the coopers’ workshop. An exhibition in a room with an arched ceiling displays more than five thousand beer steins and glasses, and in another gallery are more than 400 inn signs. The extensive brewery cellars, or catacombs can be explored, and most visits end with sampling in a comfortable bar of the Maisels Weisse beer for which the city of Richard Wagner is famous.

The Maisels Beer Experience
Maisels Bier-Erlebnis-Welt
Kulmbacher Strasse 40
95445 Bayreuth
+49 (0) 921 - 401234