The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport

The main site of the Hungarian Technical and Transport Museum in Pest is primarily concerned with transport, and includes a replica of a railway station of the early twentieth century and numerous railway models. It also has extensive sections on the history of roads, and on boat-building and trading on the Danube.

A nearby section in the city park is concerned with aviation, and includes a particularly important exhibit, one of the five surviving examples of a Junkers F13, the first all-metal framed passenger aircraft which first flew in Germany in 1919. The four-seater was in production for 13 years and some examples remained in service for 20 years. The Transport and Aviation sections of the museum are currently closed for renovation.

The Museum also manages the museums of foundry and electrical engineering in Budapest, of chemicals and the chemical Industry at Várpalota, of aluminium at Székesfehérvár and of metallugry at Miskolc.

The Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport
Magyar Müszaki és Közlekedési Közlekedési Múzeum
Városligeti Körut 11
1146 Budapest
+36 (0) 1 - 2733841

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