The Godthaab Hammerworks

The Godthaab Hammerworks produced tools for farmers and for the construction industry for 119 years. It is located in the village of Nuuk in the municipality of Sventrup, 9 km south-west of the city of Aalborg in north Jutland. The works was established in 1858 by Christian Zinck (1807-83), an engineer whose father, a German civil engineer, had settled in Denmark, and it was managed by five generations of the Zinck family. The factory initially used the water-power system of the defunct Godthaab paper mill.

The former works is open to the public, and is managed by a local body of volunteers in association with the Aalborg Historical Museum. Visitors can see the forges, tools and equipment used to shape tools of various kinds, and the steam engine and the hydro-electric plant that provided power for machinery.

The Godthaab Hammerworks
Godthaab Hammerværk
Zincksvej 2B
9230 Svenstrup
+45 (0) 41 - 500302