The German Aerospace Exhibition

This permanent exhibition communicates the exploration of space in the birthplace of the first German cosmonaut, Dr Sigmund Jähn. The first parts of the exhibition date from 1978 but the present buildings and park were opened in 2007. The exhibition begins with the history of astronomy, the human desire to explore and early rocket experiments, including an original engine from a V2. It shows the first Soviet and American space missions, the moon landing program and the latest developments of intergalactic probes and space stations. Many German, Russian and American cosmonauts and astronauts have given items such as space suits from their missions. A special exhibit is a training module for the MIR space station, in which many European astronauts completed the first stage of their training. The practical use of space technology is described – for example communication satellites, remote sensing, meteorology and mapping. Outside there is a ‘planetary park’ and ‘space playground’.

The German Aerospace Exhibition
Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung
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