The Flour Road Visitor Centre

The Flour Road (Camino de las Harinas) was constructed in sections during the second half of the 18th century to deliver goods to the port of Santander. It was an important stimulus for the industrialization of Cantabria. In the valley of the River Beseya around Pesquera the road stimulated the construction of water-powered mills for grain that was brought from Castile and made into flour for export. The visitor centre opened in 2007 in a former flour mill. It explores the history of transport and flour production in the Beseya valley. A water-powered mill existed on the site in the 17th century. In 1920 it was redeveloped as a larger factory. It continued to work until the 1970s. The turbines that powered the factory can be seen along with equipment for cleaning and preparing the grain, the Morros cylinder mills and the equipment for sifting and bagging the flour.

The Flour Road Visitor Centre
Centro de Visitantes El Camino de las Harinas
Calle Ventorrillo, 4
39491 Ventorrillo
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