The Finnish Forest Museum

Finland’s national forestry museum is located in the Punkaharju region in the south-east of the country, an area rich in woodlands and with a long history of working timber. The permanent exhibition is entitled ‘Discovering the Forest’, and shows how forests have shaped patterns of work and leisure, beliefs and the arts in Finland over many centuries. The buildings within the museum include a former railway station, used as a centre for field studies and research, and the celebrated Room of Silence, which was the Finnish pavilion at EXPO2000 in Hanover. Many activities related to forestry take place at Lusto. There are demonstrations of timber floating, and it is possible for groups of visitors to hire typically Scandinavian church boats, in which a dozen or so men would take members of a small community across a lake or along a river to their parish church.

The Finnish Forest Museum
Lutso suomen metsämuseo
Lustontie 1
58450 Punkaharju
+358 (0) 15 - 3451030