The Eyewear Museum

Morez claims to be the birthplace of the industrial production of spectacles when, in 1796, a nail-maker called Pierre-Hyacinthe Ceaux used wire to make frames for lenses. The history of metalworking at Morez since the 16th century to make wire, nails and clock parts using water-powered hammers on the River Bienne meant it was well prepared for the new industry. Since the late 19th century the area has produced glasses on a large scale. In a beautiful new building of glass, the museum explains the technologies for making frames and the history of the workers in this labour-intensive industry. The important topic of vocational training is also explored, from the first industrial college in the 19th century to the National Optical College. The fashion of French eyewear manufacturers is presented through an extensive collection of 2,500 objects. Displays also explain the human eye and disorders of vision and demonstrate fascinating optical illusions. 

The Eyewear Museum
Musée de la Lunette
Place Jean Jaurès
39400 Morez
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