The ecomuseum of the cherry tree country

The countryside around Fougerolles, a small town at the foot of the Vosges in France-Comte, is celebrated for its cherry trees, of which 40,000 are reckoned to grow in the vicinity. Kirsch (cherry brandy) has been made in the region since the sixteenth century, but its manufacture became a large-scale industry from the early nineteenth century, after which the spirit became popular all over Europe. The museum which tells the story of the industry is located in a mansion house of 1829 that was one of the first large-scale distilleries producing kirsch. It is surrounded by cherry orchards where visitors can see how trees were protected from rodents and other pests, and how the fruit was harvested. The museum displays show how kirsch was manufactured and marketed. Visitors can see oak barrels and copper stills, and there are demonstrations of techniques. The exhibition was re-designed in 2007 and includes innovative multi-media displays. The ecomuseum is part of the ‘Musées des techniques et cultures comtoises’ network.

The ecomuseum of the cherry tree country
L’Écomusée du Pays de la Cerise
206, Le Petit Fahys
70220 Fougerolles
+33 (0) 384 - 495250