The Brick Museum

The Maison de la Brique is a former brickworks that traces the history of the brickmaker's trade, the nature of brick as a material and its use in Lower Normandy. Visitors can see the clay storage pits, the machines for preparing the clay, equipment used in shaping bricks and tiles, the 60-m long drying sheds and the large circular kiln inside a cover building with a tall chimney. A brickworks was opened 2km away at Périers in 1872. When the clay there ran out, the processes were gradually relocated between 1913 and 1923 to Saint-Martin-d'Aubigny. Due to competition from other building materials and the start of the Second World War, the brickworks closed in 1939. It was saved from demolition and conservation began for it to open to the public in 1994. It was further developed in 2020. Visits can be with guides or interactive tablets.

The Brick Museum
La Maison de la Brique
3 La Briqueterie
50190 Saint-Martin-d’Aubigny