The Bonnet Silkworks Museum at Jujurieux

Jujurieux is a small town in the department of Ain, which formed part of the silk-working industry whose centre was Lyon. C J Bonnet founded a company at Lyon in 1810, and established a factory at Jujurieux in 1835 which by the end of the century employed about two thousand people, most of them young women. The company suffered from the successive recessions of the twentieth century and ceased production in 2001.

The museum displays the paternal aspects of C J Bonnet et Cie, including the provision of food shops for employees, a school, a chapel and a tramway. Visitors can see demonstrations of weaving by former employees, and can take part in workshops showing how to print on silk to make scarves and other garments.

The Bonnet Silkworks Museum at Jujurieux
Musée des Soieries Bonnet à Jujurieux
72 Clos du Musée
01640 Jujurieux
+33 (0) 474 - 368665