The Belvès Spinning Mill

Montplaisant is a small town in the valley of the River Nauze which flows into the Dordogne at Siorac. The filature de Belvès originated as a corn mill in the middle ages and in the early twentieth century became the wool spinning factory of the Theillot family. It is now called the Centre d’interprétation de la laine (centre for the interpretation of wool). It retains the machines that transformed raw wool into yarn, but also demonstrates a wide variety of textile techniques, including the making of the pillows, carpets, costume bags and knitwear that are sold in the mill shop. A new addition, demonstrating a further way of treating wool, is a Dutch felting machine.  The museum also offers courses in spinning, weaving and dyeing. It is managed by the same foundation as the nearby Moulin de la Rouzique.

The Belvès Spinning Mill
La Filature de Belvès
24170 Montplaisant
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