The 26 Colours Cultural Centre

Les 26 Couleurs is housed in a former power plant, once used to supply electricity to the Leroy wallpaper factory. A monument to the town’s industrial history, the building has been converted into a cultural centre. It houses a cinema and hosts live performances and concerts. Visitors can also learn about the history of the former Leroy wallpaper factory in the centre’s museum. Pictures and interactive tools trace the factory’s 140-year history, from its origins in 1842 in Paris through its period as one of Europe’s leading wallpaper manufacturers to its closure in 1982. The surviving generating equipment in the building is brought alive by video testimonies from former employees. The centre hosts creative workshops where adults and children can learn about industrial history, printing techniques and the visual arts. The village created by Leroy for the factory workers can be visited nearby.

The 26 Colours Cultural Centre
Espace Culturel Les 26 Couleurs
Rue Pasteur
77310 Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry
+33 (0) 164 - 812666