Tasice Glassworks Museum

The glassworks museum is the historical site of a complete glassworks in the countryside in the centre of the Czech Republic, 85 km south-east of Prague. The Jakub glassworks was founded by Ferdinand Čapek in 1796, though glass was made on the site from the fifteenth century. A group of workshops with roof vents to remove the heat surround a tall brick chimney. The oldest buildings at the museum date from the 1820s. The site was further developed by the Rückel family from 1844 and then by the Císař brothers from 1928. Restoration was begun in 2004 and the site was designated a National Cultural Monument in 2014. A small glass furnace is operated for events or group visits where glassmakers demonstrate their craft. Displays show the methods of producing glass and examples of the art of glassmaking up to the present.

Tasice Glassworks Museum
Hut Jakub Tasice
Tasice 1
584 01 Bělá
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 564 - 566165