Tallinna Car Museum MTU

The principal importance of the car museum, founded by Peeter Kalli, is its comprehensive collection of cars used in Estonia in the Soviet era, relics of the huge car industry of the USSR that has either disappeared or changed beyond recognition. Soviet era cars include Volgas, LuAZs, Moskviches and VAZes. There are also classic cars from Western Europe and the United States from before the Second World War. They include a Chevrolet Independence Coach of 1931, an Adler Triumph Junior of 1939, a Packard 120 of 1940 and a Packard 180 of 1942. There are also Aston Martins, Jaguars and a full range of Mercedes saloons from the 1950s.

Tallinna Car Museum MTU
Tallinna Automuuseum MTÜ
87222 Halinga
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