Swiss Transport Hub

Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz is an exhibition in the heart of the commercial port of Basel that shows the importance of trade on the river Rhine and the interchange between river, road and rail. The Rhine is navigable for 870 kilometres from the North Sea to Rheinfelden, just a few kilometres further up-river. Sited on the borders of France and Germany, Basel is a vital place for Switzerland’s trade. The navigation of the river developed after it was first reached by steamship in 1832, and especially in the twentieth century when large numbers of barges bega to trade regularly to Basel from the lower Rhine. Today, 10% of Swiss foreign trade is carried on the Rhine. With its strong environmental advantages, water transport will continue to be significant. The exhibition has panels with graphics and information, videos, many ship models and examples of traded goods. There is a large model of the Rhine busy with traffic. A comprehensive renovation of the building and exhibition is planned. 

Swiss Transport Hub
Verkehrsdrehscheibe Schweiz
Westquaistrasse 2
4057 Basel
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