'Sveta Petka' Hydroelectric Power Plant

The 'Sveta Petka' hydropower plant is located on the Nišava River rising in Bulgaria. The most famous geological formation created by the Nišava River is the so-called Sićevačka Gorge containing the 'Sveta Petka' and 'Sićevo' hydropower plants, both designed by Nikola Tesla and ĐorđeStanojević.

Professor Đorđe Stanojević, who was responsible for the electrification of Serbia, wrote in his book 'Electricity Industry in Serbia' from 1900: "Nišava is next in line after Morava, since it can be conveniently utilised in the gorge while the generated electricity can be transmitted to Niš". It took almost ten years to realize the idea he was talking about. After the Niš district administration approved the construction, it was necessary to get the approval of the Sićevo population fearing that the village watermill on the Nišava River would be affected. They started blackmailing the Niš municipality with their demands. The municipality committed to build a channel providing enough water to operate the watermill.

Siemens Schuckert Werke from Vienna submitted the best electrical works offer at the tender held on 28 January 1906. The transmission line leading from the hydropower plant to Niš was built on wooden poles. The power plant was officially commissioned on 21 January 1908. This hydropower plant was subject to considerable works, in addition to powerhouse refurbishment and the surrounding area development performed on the occasion of its centennial. The power plant is still used today to provide Niš with electricity. Since 2014 it is a location on the cultural route “Nikola Tesla Ways” and can be visited by the public.

'Sveta Petka' Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydrocentrala 'Sveta Petka'
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