Sugar City

The first sugarfactory at this location was started at 1863. It was closed after few years. Then the N.V. Suikerfabriek Holland opened. It became part of the Centrale Suiker Maatschappij, the Central Sugar Company. Part of the factory was the former headquarters of the watercouncil Rijnland. This building called the Gemeenlandshuis Swanenburg originated fron 1645 and housed productionkettles until 1950. The combination of buildings at this location is unique and historically extremely valuable.


The terrain of the Sugarfactory Halfweg is situated isolated from the centre of Halfweg, between the motorway N200 and the surrounding canal of the Haarlemmermeerpolder.


Sugar City is to be developed at the location of a former Sugarfactory in Halfweg. Offices, a mega-cinema and all kinds of public facilities are planned opened for public from until summer 2007.

Sugar City
Haarlemmerstraatweg 22
1165 MJ Halfweg
Haarlemmerliede Spaarnwoude