St Petersburg Beer Museum

The Stepan Razin Brewery on the banks of the River Neva in St Petersburg dates from 1795 and is claimed to be oldest in Russia. A museum was set up in the brewery in 1995 to mark its bicentenary. The brewery was established  with the approval of Catherine the Great (1729-96) by a German, Abraham Friedrich Krohn (1766-1827) from Mecklenberg-Pommern and was named after Stepan Razin (1630-71), a seventeenth century Cossack rebel hero, about whom there are many Russian folk stories and folk songs. The brewery was known as Kalinkin in the nineteenth century when it prospered and sold its products all over the Russian Empire. The name was changed to Razin in 1922 after encouragement from Leon Trotsky (1879-1940). After Trotsky’s exile the brewery supplied beer chiefly to the Soviet nommenclatura and Intourist hotels.  The museum retains a Soviet atmosphere, with security turnstiles. It is open only to organised tours.

St Petersburg Beer Museum
11, Ulitsa Stepana Razina
198264 St Petersburg
+7 (0) 812 - 3311212