Solar Vinho do Porto

Oporto is a city of many industries, but is best known as the entrepot where merchants from many countries have traded in Port wine, brought down the River Douro in sailing barges that passed under Gustav Eiffel’s Maria Pia Bridge of 1877, and the Luiz I Bridge of 1886, which has two spans and was built by the Société Willbroeck of Brussels. The harbour area of the city, the Ribeira, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fifty wine companies have their lodges (offices and warehouses) in the narrow streets of the Vila Nova de Gaia on the south bank of the Douro. Most provide tastings, that can also be experienced in the Solar Vinho do Porto. The Royal Wine Company museum displays many historical documents and oil pints relating to the trade:


Royal Oporto Wine Company Museum, R Azevedo Magalhaes 314, Vila Nova de Gaia.

Solar Vinho do Porto
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