Solana’s Museum

Solana’s Museum tells the story of salt making, from the Neolithic period to the present. Salt is an essential material for preserving food and for many industrial processes. It was produced from brine springs at Tuzla in prehistoric, Roman and medieval times. In 1884 a large new salt works was built at Tuzla by the Solana company with a pipeline for brine from salt wells several kilometres away. Production was modernised in the 1960s and the company still produces salt today. The old works is now a museum. It displays ancient wooden tools and artefacts that have been preserved by the salt, workers’ costumes, models and processing areas with evaporation pans.

Solana’s Museum
Muzej Solane
Ulica Soli br. 3
75000 Tuzla
Bosnia and Hercegovina
+387 (0) 35 - 282342