Slovak Technical Museum

The Slovak Technical Museum originated in 1948, and gained its present name in 1983. It is located in an 18th century Baroque mansion in Kosice, the second town of the old kingdom of Hungary, an important century for the mining of iron ore and magnesite, for the manufacture of machine tools, and from 1948 for the East Slovakian Steelworks. The museum includes an underground mining display, and an energy collection with steam engines and turbines, but it is most important for its displays of decorative wrought iron. The museum is also responsible for a preserved water-powered iron forge in nearby Mednev. The develop of heavy industry in east Slovakia owed much to migrant workers from Flanders and Germany, and the local dialect derives much from the French, Dutch and Germany languages.

Slovak Technical Museum
Slovenské technické múzeum
Hlavna 88
043 82 Košice
+421 (0) 55622 - 3665