Slemmestad Cement Museum

The Cement Museum traces 100 years of cement production at Slemmestad. In 1888, a German-Swedish company began quarrying the region’s limestone deposits for cement production and in 1892, the business was bought by a Norwegian company. Over 580 people were employed in the factory in 1920 together with another 120 in the quarries. In total, some 29 million tonnes of cement were produced before the factory closed in 1989.

The museum was created in 1991 by former employees. It occupies the building in the centre of the town where sacks were made for packing cement. Visitors learn about the factory’s history and the manufacturing process, from the crushing of limestone to the end product. Tools and artifacts, cement samples, photographs, company documentation, office furniture and books are on display. Outside are a restored excavator and a crane of the 1920s from the quarries. Nearby are the buildings of the factory settlement that was developed from the 1890s onwards, including houses, schools, churches and sports facilities.

Slemmestad Cement Museum
Cementmuseet Slemmestad
Vaterlandsveien 13
3470 Slemmestad
+47 (0) 31 - 296959