Siele Mercury Mine

The Siele Mine, like that at Abbadia San Salvatore, was used to extract cinnabar, the mineral from which mercury is obtained, from deposits within Mount Amiato, an extinct volcano that rises to a height of 1738 m. It is located about 6 km south of Abbadia San Salvatore, and about 75 km south of Siena, and dates from the mid-19th century. A village accommodating miners was laid out in the early years of the 20th century, and the mine prospered due to heavy demand during two world wars. It ceased operation in 1973, but trails within the nature reserve that takes its name from the ‘pigello’, a white fir growing to a height of 50 m that flourishes in the region, enable visitors to explore the miners’ village and the cinnabar processing plant. The trail and monuments are managed by the Abies Alba co-operative.

Siele Mercury Mine
Miniera del Siele
Piazza Castello, 12
53025 Piancastagnaio