Shukhov Tower

Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov (1853-1939) was a Russian polymath notable for his distinguished work for the oil and chemical industries as well as for his achievements in structural engineering. The 160 m lattice steel radio communications tower that bears his name was constructed in 1920-22. It is a hyperboloid structure with six hyperboloid sections stacked one on another to approximate to a cone shape. It was proposed to build a tower 350 m high, but there was a shortage of steel during the Civil War and Lenin made the decision to reduce the height to 160 m. The tower is no longer used for communications purposes and early in 2014 it was threatened with demolition. A preservation order was put on the tower later that year and the Shukhov Tower Foundation has been established to ensure its future. A model of the tower is displayed in the Science Museum, London.

Shukhov Tower
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