Vincinal Tramway Museum

The vicinal tramway system in Belgian ran through many rural areas, linking together small towns, as well as connecting the centres of big cities with their outer suburbs. The museum at Thuin, on the River Sambre, 14 km south-west of Charleroi, displays more than a dozen vehicles, including a steam tram locomotive of 1888, and an electric tramcar of 1901. Visitors can travel on electric, steam and internal combustion tramcars on a 5 km stretch of the metre-gauge vicinal line passing through hilly and well-wooded countryside that linked Thuin with Lobbes.

Vincinal Tramway Museum
Centre de DeCouvrte du Chemin de Fer Vicinal
Rue du Fosteau 2a Thuin Ouest
6530 Thuin
+32 (0) 71 - 370005

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