The Rezola Cement Museum

The cement museum at Donostia was established in 2000 by the company which now forms part of the Heidelberg group, and still has a plant in Donostia-San Sebastián. The museum occupies a modern building and its displays tell the story of mortars from antiquity to the present day, with particular emphasis on the Industrial Revolution in the Basque country and the first cement factories in the region. The development of Portland Cement, the uses of reinforced concrete, and the use of rendering are fully explained, and visitors have access through digital technology to an array of data relating to the industry. One section details the history of the Rezola company and its workers, and another analyses the impact of cement manufacturing on the environment.

The Rezola Cement Museum
Museum Cemento Rezola
36 Añorga Hiribidea
20018 Donostia
+34 (0) 943 - 364192

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