The Norwegian Mining Museum

The town of Kongsberg was founded in 1624 to smelt silver ores discovered the previous years. Its prosperity in the 18th century is shown by its Baroque church of 1761 that can accommodate a congregation of 2400.

The Bergverksmuseum in buildings that were formerly part of the smelting works, displays silver nuggets and bars, coins, hand tools and models of pumping systems. It stands opposite a building of 1786 that accommodate the Royal School of Mining, founded in 1757 and the first of its kind in Europe.

At Saggrenda, 7 km W, visitors can explore underground workings on a 2300 m narrow gauge railway.

The Norwegian Mining Museum
Norsk Bergverksmuseum
Hyttegt 3
3602 Kongsberg
+47 (0) 32 - 723200

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